Why Living in Arroyo Grande provides a Great Place to Work, Play and Call Home

Why is Arroyo Grande a great place to work, play, and call your new home? A hub of local history, going into the Village of Arroyo Grande can feel like taking a step back in time. Historic landmarks like the old schoolhouse and one of the nation’s last remaining swinging bridges show a community that cares about its roots. With breathtaking landscapes of vast agriculture land and rolling hills, living in Arroyo Grande puts you a mere 15-minute drive from San Luis Obispo and a 10-minute drive to the beach.

Arroyo Grande in many ways captures the best of both worlds of the SLO life. Along with their dedication to preserving history and rural charm the city has many new up and coming restaurants, craft breweries, artisan coffee, and plenty of natural beauty and recreation!

Explore Food, Culture, & Nightlife

Whether you’re a foodie, a cyclist, a history buff, or a wine snob Arroyo Grande has something to offer you. Arguably to most up and coming city in the region. In the past few years, new nightlife options have popped up for younger residents, like the craft breweries Humdinger and Figeroa Mountain Brewery, local wineries Malene and Chamisal, or cocktail lounge Mason Bar. And if you’re worried about missing Scout Coffee, Arroyo Grande (or A.G.) has two new artisanal coffee shops  – Tribe and Banner Co.

But before you get worried A.G. may not be family-friendly, there are plenty of amazing options for young children and families. Arroyo Grande has beautiful parks and is located near Lopez Lake where you can fish, hike, camp, or even rent a boat. With top-ranked public and private schools, walkable streets, and many annual events Arroyo Grande is a wonderful place to call home for all ages. 

Explore Work & industry

Home to numerous organic farms and the premier region for pinot noir grapes in the world, Arroyo Grande is a fantastic region to venture into agribusiness and agritourism as a career. With proximity to Cal Poly SLO’s top-notch ag business program, it is no surprise that the region is a thriving center of produce grown for the nation! From the management of a local farm, agricultural education for children, or produce broking there are so many ways to grow your career in Arroyo Grande.

Not interested in getting your hands dirty? Arroyo Grande is also home to a hospital, a top-ranked school district, an up and coming hospitality industry, and a beautiful business core ripe for new business ventures. 

Already work in SLO? Arroyo Grande is a short drive away on beautiful country roads or along the scenic 101 highway. Either way a commute of about 15-20 minutes.

Explore Housing

The median housing cost in Arroyo Grande of $703,996 (click here to learn more about housing prices in SLO County). Putting Arroyo Grande in the middle of the County median cost at $637,626 and the City of San Luis Obispo Median cost of $753,844. Though not drastically less expensive than San Luis Obispo, there is much more opportunity to get more space for your money. Arroyo Grande is a far more rural community than SLO. Though there are central and suburban neighborhoods, overall the housing footprints are larger and there are many properties with open space for agriculture, gardening, and animals. 

Rental prices on the other hand, are dramatically lower in Arroyo Grande compared to San Luis Obispo. Averaging around $1,350, the median rent in AG is almost half of the median rent in SLO of $2,165. With an incredible range of property locations and sizes, if you are interested in renting longterm or saving money to buy a house; Arroyo Grande may be the perfect place to call home!