Why Los Osos is a Great Place to Live, Work, and Call Home

Los Osos, meaning the bears, is a hidden gem of the Central Coast and is just a 20-minute drive from San Luis Obispo along cattle grazing, lush agricultural countryside, and a short 3-mile scenic drive from Morro Bay. Long considered a necessary interlude on the way to somewhere else, this once-sleepy stretch has become a destination in its own right. Travelers are finally catching on to what locals have known long all along: the Central Coast of California offers quiet beauty, agricultural bounty, and some of the best wines in the state. With Los Osos’ many family-friendly activities and laidback vibe, it is no wonder that Leisure Magazine nominated the Central Coast as one of the best 50 places to travel in 2020.


If you’re looking for a beautiful and tight-knit community, look no further! Los Osos has a population of a little over 16 thousand. The small population means that you won’t run into crowds at the popular hiking spot— Montaña de Oro State Park. After hiking, take a quick trip to one of Los Osos’ many beaches. If you’re hungry, grab a quick bite to eat at Nardonne’s Pizzeria, Back Bay Café, or the Baywood Ale House. There is no shortage of places to eat-out. Feeling like cooking at home? The Central Coast offers farm-fresh produce at our doorstep all-year-round. Where else can you find that?


With the largest industries of health care, educational services, and retail, Los Osos offers a variety of occupations. The highest earning job is real estate. Internet is offered by Spectrum and AT&T, allowing for easy remote working. Find more companies on our mapping tool.


The median home value in Los Osos is $631,710 – a price lower than the county’s median cost at $637,626 and dramatically lower than the City of San Luis Obispo’s median cost of $715,758. These lower costs are also reflected in rental costs, with a median cost of $1,400, compared to the City of San Luis Obispo’s $2,165. Particularly for those looking for cooler weather, beach and trail access, and a laidback life.