Why Living in Paso Robles is the Perfect Place to Live, Work, and Call Home 

One of the premier wine destinations in the world Paso Robles offers all the natural beauty, wine, food, and culture of the Napa Valley for less, and is only 15 minutes from the beach! Not to mention, Paso Robles was named the 6th top destination to visit in the world by the New York Times in 2020. Largely seen as an innovator of the agritourism movement, Paso Robles is a place you can taste the very best of what California has to offer from olive oil, cheese, ice cream, fried chicken, and of course — wine. Living in Paso Robles allows you to satisfy all of your foodie cravings!

The notoriety of the city’s food and wine is superseded perhaps only by its field of lights. Last fall, the artist Bruce Munro created “Field of Light,” a show of 60,000 illuminated glass orbs spread over 15 acres has turned Paso Robles into an art destination. With so much food, art, culture, and recreation anyone living in Paso Robles will never lack something to do.. 


If you’re looking for a beautiful and walkable community, living in Paso Robles downtown may well be the place for you. With the recent addition of SLO County’s first green and complete street program, Paso Robles’ 21st Street Complete Street project has won national recognition and awards. Downtown Paso Robles is home to nationally acclaimed restaurants and dining experiences. This historic downtown offers a beautiful growing community combining historic buildings and rural charm with new development. With wide sidewalks, local parks,  and plenty of events downtown Paso Robles offers something for everyone.

Feeling like venturing out of downtown? Paso Robles is also home to the largest music venue in SLO County – Vina Robles. With over 200 hundred wineries in the region, a waterpark, and even hot air balloon rides Paso Robles is the perfect place, to find the best of work and play in SLO County.


With a booming industry of agriculture, viticulture, restaurants, and venues if you are interested in expanding or beginning a career or organization in hospitality, Paso Robles may be the perfect city for you. A hot spot for weddings, concerts, and other events careers in event planning and hospitality management are numerous. Additionally, manufacturing and ag-technology are thriving fields as Paso Robles is a major supplier of food and wine nationwide. Check out our company map to see what businesses call Paso Robles their home!

Areas surrounding the downtown are made up of beautiful landscapes and large lots, which are the perfect location for those interested in telecommuting, to have extra space for a home office. And for those already working elsewhere in the county, Paso Robles in a 30-minute commute to San Luis Obispo by car or 50 minutes on a direct bus line. 


The median home value in Paso Robles is $510,826 – a price lower than the county’s median cost at $637,626 and dramatically lower than the City of San Luis Obispo’s median cost of $715,758. These lower costs are also reflected in rental costs, with a median cost of $1,700, compared to the City of San Luis Obispo’s $2,165.  Particularly for those looking for more space to garden, raise animals, keep horses, or those who love outdoor entertaining – properties in Paso Robles are often on larger lots than the rest of the county.  

With a mix of new construction, historic homes, and lots with lots of acreage Paso Robles is one of the more affordable cities on the California Coast that sacrifices nothing in lifestyle!