Exterior of luxury, converted shipping container

Coming from Australia, we first connected with San Luis Obispo (SLO) County when traveling through several years ago, staying at a lovely hotel in Paso Robles, and visiting local hospitality venues; we felt a warm welcome.  Since then we had a dream of extending our business and vision to the SLO county region of California.

Last year we decided to come to California to travel, pursue our dreams and explore collaboration opportunities for our unique outdoor tourism hospitality experiences.

Not knowing anyone in SLO, and from previous experience, we found the regional economic development association as a driver opportunities and supporter of innovative concepts and businesses. We reached out to Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC) and the welcome, support, networking and professionalism was honestly incredible; passionate, organized and like nothing we have experienced previously.

In a very short span of time, we made lasting connections, met passionate local people, explored stunning and unique landscapes, opportunities and are now setting up our business in the City of San Luis Obispo, pursuing meaningful collaborations and unique projects; the experience and process has been really dynamic.

Bedroom inside converted shipping containerWe re-imagine the potential of spaces by using beautifully designed and crafted eco structures to create bespoke sustainable accommodation, wellbeing, and community hubs for people to escape, live, work and play on their own terms whilst activating and regenerating property, land, habitat, and thyself.

Pushing boundaries with our big ideas and progressive approach, our company “Contained” has an accomplished portfolio of bold innovative solutions, dedicated to heightening user experiences, sustainable lifestyles, and community development that has been celebrated with wide acclaim since 2013.

From wineries, beaches, farms, ranches, forests to islands, Contained can go (almost!) anywhere with a big impact on amenities but not the environment.

Our passion for sustainable luxury design, respect for the land, responsibility for our environment, and our own well-being; drive us to create welcoming spaces, creative activations, and unique experiences that draw attention and patronage.

Living area inside containerIn SLO our vision, supported by EVC, SBDC, Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, and Visit SLOCAL, is to unlock the potential of less discovered gems of the county and set up unique outdoor hospitality experiences in a form of immersive boutique hotels, nature and wellness experiences to showcase the depth and breadth of the SLO County.

Offering a turnkey solution from design to operations; we partner with landowners, growers, makers, creators, and wellbeing practitioners generating additional income streams, incubation of small sustainable businesses, community, and regional economic development.

If you have a picturesque block of land that could benefit from a sensitive activation; let’s create the future of sustainable outdoor hospitality together.

Contained converted, luxury accommodation

Irene, Anatoly and Chase.



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