Pismo Beach

Perhaps the city in the region with even more notoriety than San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach is known nationwide for their surf, clam chowder, and iconic beaches. Nestled where the rolling hills of the Central Coast meet the sea, the distinct topography is just one thing that makes the city of Pismo unique. Once world famous for being home of the Pismo clam, the city has kept this tradition alive with their Annual Clam Festival and clam chowder competition.

With plenty of festivals, events, and exceptional beach access, without the crowds of Southern California, you soon understand why locals call it ‘Pismodise’.

Food, culture, & nightlife

Pismo Beach has all of the arts, culture, live music, food, and recreation that defines San Luis Obispo County – with one prominent difference: Pismo is on the beach. There are few places as welcoming to embrace your inner beach bum than here – whether you chose to join a beach volleyball league, take up surfing, become an open water swimmer, or even if you’re more of a relax on the sand type. A hot spot for local festivals and events, Pismo Beach offers lots of fun in the sun throughout Summer months while returning to a quiet beach side town in the off season.

Are you hoping to make the most of the outdoors in the Central Coast? Home to one of the newest and largest additions to San Luis Obispo’s vast protected open space the Pismo Preserve offers 880 acres of hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking with 11 miles of trail through oak woodlands and coastal ridgelines against stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean stretching from the Irish Hills to Point Sal. And if you’re looking for a bite to eat after all that hiking, Pismo Beach is full of fantastic restaurants like the world famous Splash clam chowder or for a fancier affair spots like Ventana Grill that offer stunning ocean views and upscale cuisine.

Work & industry

The center of beachside hospitality and tourism for the region, if you are hoping to make a career in management or hospitality Pismo Beach offers you an opportunity to live and work where others vacation! Pismo Beach is also home to multiple elementary schools, a middle school, and municipal offices there are plenty of opportunities to have an active role in this community!

Already have work elsewhere in the county? Pismo Beach is well situated between south county and San Luis Obispo proper, about 10 minutes away on the 101 or Price Canyon.


Due to its miles of scenic coastline and proximity, Pismo Beach has the highest housing costs in the region –  a median cost of $790,276. It is however a dramatically lower housing cost than many other coastal California cities. From stunning beach front homes to more modest condos and cottages, there is a range of housing options suited to your lifestyle.

Interested in a rental? Rental prices vary a lot in the region based on views and beach proximity, however at a median cost of $1,392 renting a home in Pismo Beach is more attainable than you may think!