SLO’s Plentiful, Fresh Produce

California is known for being one of the ‘breadbaskets’ of the world. With its vast cropland and various climates, California is one of the world’s largest suppliers of food and agriculture commodities. Top crops grown in California include dairy, grapes, almonds, strawberries, and cattle. San Luis Obispo County’s crop production gross regional product in 2019 was approximately 240.5 million dollars (source: Emsi). This amount earns crop production as the 11th highest-grossing industry for SLO County. With so many fruits, vegetables, and other animal products, SLO is the perfect place for farmers’ markets.

gross regional product




Where to Buy SLO Produce

There are many options to choose from for fresh produce in SLO County. I have fond memories of the farmers’ market in downtown SLO on Thursday nights. Another great option is in the Village of Arroyo Grande on Saturday afternoons. If you are looking for a Friday farmers’ market, head on up to Cambria for an afternoon treat. Don’t forget to stop by Linn’s for some famous olallieberry pie and drive more north to see if the elephant seals are at the beach. Needless to say, no matter where you are in the County, there is a farmers’ market perfect for you. Check the SLO County Farmers Market Association for up-to-date information about locations and hours.


What to Buy from Farmers’ Markets

While there is no way to go wrong when buying from a local farmers’ market, I have some personal favorites. The sugar snap peas are great for salads, stir-fry, and by themselves. Apples are a great choice, too. There are even unique finds like cheese, popcorn, preserves, sprouts, flowers, Cal Poly-grown produce, and honey! Farmers’ markets are an excellent way to support local farmers and learn about the food you put into your body. Having a shorter transport from farm to table cuts out a large amount of food waste from spoilage. Moreover, farmers’ markets can provide less expensive and higher quality goods!


Feast your eyes on the produce pictures below!

Farmers' market squash

Scrumptious squash

Farmers' market apples

Yummy apples

farmers' market strawberries

Sweet strawberries

What is your favorite farmers’ market find? Leave your answers in the comments.